ITEC Newsletter
Vol.10, No. 2
May 17, 2002

Table of Contents

  1. Power Shutdown at ITEC / Buffalo State

  2. Oracle 8.1.7 on Compaq Alpha OpenVMS Information

  3. HP Acquisition of Compaq

  4. RedHat 7.3

  5. Timbuktu Pro Build #887

  6. Kermit 95 Version 1.1.21

  7. New Staff at ITEC


1.             Power Shutdown at ITEC / Buffalo State 

There will be a power shutdown at ITEC and Buffalo State beginning at 2 a.m. until approximately 8 a.m. on May 21.  A UPS and generator is being installed so that Twin Rise Building and the computer room can run on its own stand alone power.  After this, the computer room should have standby power for any future planned or unplanned power outages.  Another power shutdown is scheduled for May 24 but if all goes well on May 21, it should not affect ITEC. 

Submitted by Ron Brown (


2.                   Oracle 8.1.7 on Compaq Alpha OpenVMS Information

Patchset 3 ( has been released.  This patchset has been released for some time now and includes many patches and fixes for numerous bugs.  However, it is Oracle's and ITEC's stance that if your server is running fine and you are not experiencing any problems then do not apply a patch.  If you need this patch or any other patches from ITEC, please submit a Remedy ticket to SCADM detailing your request.

The attached zip file,, contains four files outlining Oracle and OpenVMS information. 
(The mentioned zip file can be downloaded from the following ftp server:
ftp servername: <>
username: sunydbas 
filename: ./vms_oracle8.1.7.3patches/
If you need the password, please email

 The files are:

NOTE62150.1 -Compaq Alpha OpenVMS Certification Matrix.txt

OpenVMS 8173 patch set notes.doc

NOTE170199.1 -OpenVMS patches for Oracle.txt

NOTE174247.1 -list of oracle 8173 patches OpenVMS.txt

The desupport for 8.1.7 has also been announced from Oracle.  Below is a tidbit, see file OpenVMS 8.1.7 Desupport Notice.txt contained in the zip file for more information.

Product Obsolescence Desupport Notice

Product Details: Platform(s) Details:

Product: Oracle Server - Client, Enterprise Edition, Parallel Server, Personal Edition, RAC & Standard Edition/Workgroup Server

Product Version(s): 8.1.7 (8i)

Platform(s): Platform Version(s):

ALL Platforms ALL

Desupport End Dates: Error Correction Support (ECS): 31-DEC-2003

Extended Assistance Support (EAS): 31-DEC-2006

Extended Maintenance Support (EMS): 31-DEC-2005

Submitted by Todd Randall, Academic and Administrative (

Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for your time last week.  As you know, the merger of HP and Compaq has begun in earnest.  What an exciting time!

Attached are two preliminary documents for your consideration:

I hope you find these initial documents beneficial to your planning.  More details will follow over the next few weeks. 

Please let me know if you have any immediate questions or concerns.  We look forward to continuing our dialogue with you.

Best regards,

James T. Gibbons
Regional Sales Manager
GEM/SLED Advanced Technologies
Phone:  716-833-0216
Mobile: 716-316-6037

<<TRU64 & OVMS Roadmaps 050802.pdf>> <<whitepaper.doc>>

3.                   HP Acquisition of Compaq

Attached are documents pertaining to HPs acquisition of Compaq (HP.doc, TRU64 & OVMS Road, Whitepaper).  Mary Ann Corsetti and members of the ITEC staff met with HP / Compaq representatives on May 14 in Syracuse to review the transition and identify tasks that need to be completed.  If you have any questions, please contact Mary Ann Corsetti at

Submitted by Ron Brown (

4.             RedHat 7.3

RedHat 7.3 is now available!

To download the iso images, please go to:

To learn more about RedHat 7.3's new features, visit:

Submitted by Mike Radomski, Systems and Communications (

5.                Timbuktu Pro Build #887  

Timbuktu Pro build #887 is now available at ITEC with the following new features:       

To learn more about Timbuktu Pro or to download the latest build, visit ITEC at  <>

Submitted by Kathy Pohl, Systems and Communications, (

6.             Kermit 95 Version 1.1.21

Kermit 95 version 1.1.21 is now available at ITEC with the following new features:

Kermit 95 is now a fully configurable SSH v1 and v2 client.  Also an advanced, fully scriptable, and security-capable FTP client.  Plus a scriptable, securable HTTP 1.1 client.

To learn more about Timbuktu Pro or to download the latest version, visit ITEC at <>

Submitted by Kathy Pohl, Systems and Communications, (

7.       New Staff at ITEC

Please join ITEC in welcoming our two new staff members:

Dan Brint started with us in December as a Sr. Programmer/Analyst in the Administrative area.  Dan comes to us with over 10 years of Oracle experience.    He has considerable experience as an Oracle DBA with Oracle versions 5, 6, 7, and 8 on a variety of OS platforms including VMS, a number of Unix variants, and Windows / Windows NT.   The systems that Dan has developed have been mostly ERP systems with an emphasis on manufacturing, inventory, shop floor and payroll.  He has experience in every phase of the software development life cycle and in addition to analysis, design and development experience, he also has data modeling and project management experience.

Ray Zymowski will be starting with us in mid-May as a Programmer/Analyst.  Ray has over 20 years as a Digital/Compaq/HP employee.  He provided hardware and software support including servicing, installing, and upgrading the full line of Compaq equipment from the Alpha family of processors and peripherals to the Intel family of processors and everything in between.  He did troubleshooting for hardware, software, and network problems and was responsible for keeping the customers up and running 24 x 7.  In 1993 Ray was the primary installation, service engineer, and night system manager at the World Games that were held in Buffalo.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (


Editor:  Barbara A. Boquard

ITEC's General Office

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