ITEC Newsletter

Vol.10, No. 4

October 15, 2002



Table of Contents

1.                  Oracle Security Alerts

2.                  Oracle Running on Alpha OpenVMS

3.                  Redhat 8.0



1.                  Oracle Security Alerts


Oracle has recently released several security alerts.  Each alert is attached to this message as a PDF document (and can be found here:  2002alert41rev1.pdf ; 2002alert42rev1.pdf; 2002alert43rev1.pdf; 2002alert44rev1.pdf; 2002alert45rev2.pdf).   The patches for Alerts 42 and 44 can be downloaded from the ITEC ftp server:


The patches are in the /Alert42 and /Alert44 directories.


Submitted by Joe Lofft (



2.                  Oracle Running on Alpha OpenVMS


In order to take full advantage of the latest Compaq CPU and compiler optimizations in Oracle software products, future versions of Oracle products, beginning with Oracle9i Release 2 and associated Oracle9i Release 2-based products will be supported on Compaq OpenVMS AlphaServers with EV56 or greater generation CPUs only.


Error Correction support will be available for pre-EV56 based systems through the supported life of Oracle9i Release 1, (9.0.1). The end of Oracle Metals support for Oracle9i Release 1, (9.0.1) will be determined after the release of Oracle9i Release 2.


Oracle strongly recommends that customers upgrade to AlphaServers containing EV56 or greater CPUs as soon as possible to maintain the highest level of support for their products and systems.


Customer Action:


Please check whether you have a Compaq OpenVMS AlphaServer that will be affected by this announcement. System models that are affected include:


AlphaServer 1000 5/300 OVMS pedestal, cabinet and rack-mount base systems:



AlphaServer 1000A 5/333 OVMS pedestal, cabinet and rack-mount base systems:



AlphaServer 2000 5/300 OVMS pedestal, cabinet and rack-mount systems:

DY-244D1-B9/D9; 480YR-AA/-UD


AlphaServer 2100/2100A/2100A LP 4/275, 5/250 and 5/300 OVMS systems:

DY-252S1-J9/-K9; DY-253S1-J9/-K9; DY-254S1-J9/-K9;DY-252Y1-B9/-C9;

DY-253Y1-B9/-C9; DY-254Y1-B9/-C9; DY-262F1-B2/-B3/-C2/-C3;

DY-263F1-B2/-B3/-C2/-C3; DY-264F1-B2/-B3/-C2/-C3; 460YR-AA; 470YR-UD;

480YR-UD; CT-Y253V-B9/-C9; CT-Y254V-B9/-C9; CT-Y254V-D9/-E9


AlphaServer 4000/4100 5/300 OVMS pedestal, cabinet and rack-mount systems:




AlphaServer 8200 and 8400 5/300 & 5/350 OVMS cabinet and rack-mount systems:

DY-281AB-A9; DY-281AD-A9; DY-281CB-A9; DY-281CD-A9; DY-281AY-A9;

DY-281BY-A9; DY-281BB-A9; DY-281BC-A9; DY-281BD-A9; DY-281BF-A9;

DY-281DB-A9; DY-281DC-A9; DY-281DD-A9/-B9; DY-281DF-A9;


751P1-AX; 751XR-A9; 752XR-A9; 753XR-A9; 754XR-A9;

DY-291BC/BD/BF-BA/-BB/-BC; DY-291BF-DA/-DB-DC; 752P1-AX; 753P1-AX; 754P1-AX;

DY-291DD-AA/-AB/-AC; DY-291DF-AA/-AB/-AC; DY-291BU-YX/-ZX; CT-AN1DD/DF-Y9;


DY-291BF-HA/-HB/-HC; DY-291DF-BA/-BB/-BC; DY-291AY-AA/-AB/-AC;



How to tell if you have an affected system:


The following System Debug command will provide your CPU model number. To invoke the System debugger enter:


This will give you an SDA Prompt in which you enter:

SDA>Clue Config

This should give something like the following:


System Information:

System Type    AlphaServer 8400 5/300                      Primary CPU ID 00

Cycle Time       3.3 nsec (300 MHz)                             Pagesize 8192 Byte

Memory Configuration:


Cluster    PFN Start    PFN Count          Range (MByte)              Usage

 #00                   0              256           0.0 MB -         2.0 MB             Console

 #01               256        130732           2.0 MB -   1023.3 MB             System

 #02         130988                84     1023.3 MB -   1024.0 MB             Console


Per-CPU Slot Processor Information:

CPU ID             00                                     CPU State     rc,pa,pp,cv,pv,pmv,pl

CPU Type         EV5   Pass 4 (21164)     Halt Request "Default, No Action"

PAL Code         1.21-1                              Halt PC         00000000.20000000

CPU Revision    ....                                   Halt PS         00000000.00001F00

Serial Number  AY52217667                   Halt Code    "Bootstrap or Powerfail"

Console Vers   V5.5-4


CPU ID         01                                          CPU State     rc,pa,pp,cv,pv,pmv,pl

Press RETURN for more.


To Exit SDA, at the SDA prompt, enter:

SDA> exit


To request a upgrade to the requisite Alpha CPU, please contact your local Compaq representatives. Compaq has upgrade packages available.


This service announcement is addressed to your company contact on record with Oracle. Please ensure that this letter is made available to the appropriate personnel at your site. If you are not the individual within your company to whom this notice should be sent, please contact your Oracle Local Support Center(LSC).


This document is for informational purposes only, and is intended to outline Oracle’s current plans regarding the migration path for customers under technical support. The information in this document is subject to change without notice at Oracle’s discretion. Future releases of Oracle programs that may be part of a migration path are provided, in accordance with Oracle’s current transfer policies, only to customers who are current on Technical Support. .


Submitted by Joe Lofft (

(Note 181307.1 attached)



3.         Redhat 8.0


Redhat 8.0 is now available!


The new features of RedHat 8.0 can be found at:


If you would like to download the ISO images (5 total), you can do so from  I would request that you try to download them after business hours, or using our after hours software distribution found at:


Submitted by Mike Radomski (




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