ITEC Newsletter
Vol. 11, No. 6
September 18, 2003

Table of Contents

  1. Oracle 9.2 x on Alpha OpenVMS Issues
  2. OracleWorld
  3. ITEC Support and Services Survey 2003


1.    Oracle 9.2 x on Alpha OpenVMS Issues

The following issues have been discovered by ITEC with Oracle 9.2.x on Alpha OpenVMS: 

· Stage installation CD's on ODS-5 format disk

The CD's should get sent out on Thursday. They must be copied to an ODS-5 format disk. Please use the following procedure to copy the CD's to disk:

- set process/parse_style=extended
- Mount CD 1
- Create disk$device:[9iR2install.disk1]
- set default disk$device:[9iR2install.disk1]
- copy cd$device:[000000...]*.*;* [...]*.*
- Mount CD 2
- Create disk$device:[9iR2install.disk2]
- set default disk$device:[9iR2install.disk2]
- copy cd$device:[000000...]*.*;* [...]*.*

Now when you do the install it will automatically look in the [.disk2] directory and it won’t even prompt you to change CD's.

· Pre-create top level directory for Oracle code tree

Although the installation guide does not mention it as a required step, it is a good idea to pre-create the top level directory used for the Oracle code tree:


Without this it is possible that you may see one or more of the following errors when installing, linking, or re-linking after applying patches:

Error in invoking target ikerberos of makefile /disk$dra78/9iR2/9iR2Home/network/lib/
An error occurred during runtime


LNOCI is needed to link SQR 4.3.5 against the Oracle 9.2 code tree.  There is a patch for this on the ITEC FTP server:


No patch available as of yet, but the workaround is to remove the space(s) at the beginning of the line in the first line AFTER LISTENER = in listener.ora.

· Patch conflict for Alerts 57 and 58

When installing the patch for security alert 58 after the patch for security alert 57, the following warning message is displayed:

$ @install_patch
It appears that one or more objects in this patch are part of an earlier
installed patch. Installing this patch may overwrite the earlier patch(es)
and is strongly discouraged.
The following patch contains the conflicting object(s):
Do you wish to proceed nevertheless? [N]

According to Oracle support it is safe to apply the patch and ignore the conflict message. Patch 2990334 is related to Secuity Alert 57, which is included in the patch for Security Alert 58. The patch for Security Alert 58 is replacing the same files that Security Alert 57 fixed. This caused the conflict warning to be displayed.
So do the @install_patch again and say Y for the question "Do you wish to proceed nevertheless? [N] "

· Set ORACLE_BASE logical before invoking the DBCA

According to the documentation, setting ORACLE_BASE is not required, however I have encountered several problems and recommend that it be set before invoking the DBCA.  For the installation of the 9.2 code, I used DISK$APPCODE:[9iR2.9iR2Home] as the ORACLE_HOME in the Oracle Universal installer. To invoke the DBCA I then do the following:

$ @DISK$APPCODE:[9iR2.9iR2Home]
$ show log oracle_home
$ show log oracle_base

This will allow you to modify the default file locations within the DBCA.  Without it the file locations may not get set correctly if you modify the default values.


I used all logical device names when installing the code and creating databases, Oracle has translated some of these into physical device names.  Although a bug has not been opened as of yet on this issue, I do have an open TAR (3382002.999) for it and expect a bug to be filed in the near future.  The workaround in the DBCA is to select a new database for the template and generate scripts without creating a db from within dbca. You can then edit the scripts and change the diskname back to the logical before manually running the scripts.

· BUG 3145539 ORA_DUMP is being set incorrectly

The VMS logical ORA_DUMP is being set incorrectly, regardless of whether ORACLE_BASE was set or not prior to invoking DBCA.  Although a bug has not been opened as of yet on this issue, I do have an open TAR (3381993.999) for it and expect a bug to be filed in the near future.  ORA_DUMP is defined in the file ORA_ROOT:[dbs]sid_{SID}.properties.  I have heard conflicting reports from Oracle as to whether this file can be modified, so at this point there is no workaround.


For backups many people do a SHUTDOWN ABORT, STARTUP RESTRICT, SHUTDOWN NORMAL to kick any users off the database who may still be connected.  While this works fine in previous versions of Oracle, there is a bug in 9.2 in which the following errors will show up when attempting to restart the database after a SHUTDOWN ABORT:

SQL> startup
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
SQL> startup
ORA-24324: service handle not initialized
ORA-01041: internal error. hostdef extension doesn't exist

If you exit out of SQL*Plus and wait a while you can eventually start the database again, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to the sequence of events that allow this to happen.  There is no patch as of yet and the only workaround is to kill all user sessions with the ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION... command and then do a SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE.

Submitted by Joe Lofft (


2.    OracleWorld

A few of us at ITEC were fortunate enough to be able to attend the OracleWorld conference this month and as expected the emphasis was on the upcoming release of Oracle 10g (database and application server). Attached are a couple of the many presentations we attended. You can also find a considerable amount of information on TECHNET as well as in the September Issue of Oracle magazine - also available online at In particular you may want to look at the cover story

Details on availability were sketchy with Oracle promising that the database will be available by the end of this year and the common consensus being that the application server would be available a month or so before that.

OTN also is providing an ‘availability notification signup’ at although it is unclear if this notification is for availability for download from OTN only or notification of product availability to order.

Attachments:  40090.ppt      40090.doc     40116_george_10g.ppt

Submitted by Dan Brint (

3. ITEC Support and Services Survey 2003

Please help the ITEC Executive Board in mapping the future of ITEC by completing the ITEC Support and Services Survey 2003 available on our web page:

The survey is divided into areas of support and an overall general evaluation of ITEC. We encourage you to complete the portions that are applicable to your campus. We encourage multiple responses, or a collaboration of effort, for each member campus.

Your responses will be analyzed and reviewed by the ITEC Executive Board. It is the intent of the Executive Board to direct the future of ITEC support and services based on your responses to this survey.

We understand the workload you are all facing and very much appreciate your time in completing this survey.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (


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