ITEC Newsletter
Vol. 11, No. 7
December 5, 2003

Table of Contents

1.    PL/SQL Developer 5.1.4
2.    Listserv Services
3.    New Staff at ITEC
4.    Holiday Schedule


1.    PL/SQL Developer 5.1.4

PL/SQL Developer 5.1.4 is now available on ITECís ftp server. It is the latest maintenance release of PL/SQL Developer from Allround Automations.

PL/SQL Developer is available for free to all ITEC member campuses.

To download PL/SQL Developer 5.1.4, connect to using the sunydbas account. Youíll need the following two files



/plsql_developer/licensekey.txt contains the installer file and licensekey.txt contains the license key necessary to install the product.

***If anyone would like to download this product and does not know the sunydbas password, please e-mail for the password***

Enhancements in PL/SQL Developer 5.1.4


* Multi-Monitor support added
* Selecting an item with username and password from the list will now immediately connect
* Fixed several Access Violations
* Edit > Redo would redo all changes
* Command Window fixes:
    > Help command now uses html help (or supported commands for help ?)
    > When executing a command file from the clipboard, Echo would always be on
    > Timestamp values could not be queried
    > Executing commands in dual or single session mode while another window is running would cause hang-up
* Code Assistant fixes: 
    > Did not use original case for local constants and program units
    > Would remove spaces and tabs until the next word on the same line when inserting text
    > Limited to 1000 items to prevent performance issues
* Crash recovery fixes:
    > Application title would not be correct
    > Maximized windows would not be restored correct
    > Suppressed redrawing of window list when saving recovery files
* File > New Instance no longer passes userid parameter
* Report Window would always have all edit menu options enabled, unrelated to selected tab page
* Program Window "Clear Errors" now also clears highlighted error line
* Editors would not see text drag & drop as a change
* Result grid in SQL Window would allow cut and paste, even if locked
* Fixed setup problem on multi-monitor systems
* Saving a file under another name within a project, did not enable
"add to project" menu item
* Fixed report problem when sum per break would coincide with pagebreak
* Disabled Export items while exporting
* Test Window would not show output when package state is discarded
* Joined substitution variables (&var1&var2) would not be processed correctly in SQL Window, Report Window and Command Window
* Generating a Test Script for a method with a collection attribute would result in incorrect PL/SQL
* Library did not contain trailing / when exported, which would cause an error when the generated script is executed through SQL*Plus
* Selecting a SQL statement including the trailing semi-colon could cause ORA-00911 error
* Fixed "Beautifier caused an error" for alias[space].field expression
* Bookmarks and breakpoints would disappear when using the PL/SQL Beautifier
* Code Contents could fail for concatenated case expressions
* Fixed erroneous cursor down key behavior on last line in editors
* Fixed grid copy issue for specific international (Greek) fonts
* Fixed case sensitivity issue for custom keywords (international characters)
* Added some missing Paste items in popup menus
* Passwords that start with a numeric character are now automatically quoted
* Adding a variable to the watch list while the debugger is executing a step caused a crash
* Job interval field was inadvertently limited to 61 characters
* Program Window name tab was not always correct for packages and types
* Improved Copy/Paste in Grid in single record view
* Not all dialogs supported [Enter] and [Esc]
* When changing Reports or Documents, the main menu items could get reorganized
* Logon history list could have the "Remove" option from the popup disabled
* Record/Object assignments could cause incorrect "Unused value assignment" hint
*Excel export now declares strings to prevent interpretation by Excel

Submitted by Erik Snyder (

2.    Listserv Services

ITEC has been offering Listserv services over the past several years and would like to bring it, once again, to your attention. Please follow the link "Create/Join SUNY lists" under the Academic Support section on ITECís home page (  which will explain these services. The link also gives you access to subscribe to open SUNY lists located on ITECís listserv such as COA-L, FACT-L, ITECL, LINUX, SUNYTC-L, TECHMARKETING and WEBTEACH amongst others. Any questions please open a Remedy ticket to the Academic Support group. Thank you.

Submitted by Betty Spencer (

3. New Staff at ITEC

Please join ITEC in welcoming our new staff members.

Archana Bhatt, Programmer/Analyst (Academic). Archana holds a BS in Statistics and an MS in Computer Science from Sardar Patel University. Archana has worked with Sybase, Ms SQL Server and Oracle and has experience in analyzing, designing, developing, testing, implementing and maintaining the applications and user interaction. She has worked extensively with SQL, stored procedures, triggers and UNIX/NT/Windows 2000 environments.

Kelly S. Brace, Programmer/Analyst (Production Control Manager). Kelly has a BS in Information Technology/Software Development from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is working on  his MS in Computer Science.  Kelly was recently employed at the Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies on the RIT campus and has developed and maintained a web-based application for the Department of Defense (US Navy). In addition, Kelly has experience as a lab and teaching assistant on the campus.

Luke L. Clutter, Programmer/Analyst (UNIX). Luke has a BS in Biochemistry from Lock Haven University. Luke was most recently employed as a LAN/WAN Systems Engineer in Kannapolis City School District in North Carolina. In that position he implemented Solaris and Linux district wide for the use of intra/internet web services, FTP for shared document management, Symantecís Mail-Gear for system wide email, Dynamic Name Services, caching, and VPN services. Luke also was responsible for developing all system policies, security policies, and naming standards.

Paul J. Hebert, Programmer/Analyst (DBA). Paul has a BA in Business Administration from Medaille College and is working towards a Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction using Computer Technology. Paul recently has worked as a SQL Server and Oracle database consultant providing development, tuning, and troubleshooting services. Paul is a certified MCDBA and MCAD.NET developer and has been an Oracle DBA with Oracle Pro*C, Developer and OODBMS experience.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (

4.  Holiday Schedule

ITEC and Buffalo State's offices will be closed for the College's Winter Pause beginning December 23, 2003, and will re-open on January 5, 2004. Professional staff will be available by REMEDY or email. Also, emergency cell phone numbers are recorded on our voice mail message at 716-878-ITEC (4832).

REMEDY is the preferred method for contacting ITEC.  REMEDY tickets can be created and viewed from our home page at

Email messages should be sent to the group and not an individual. This way if an individual is not available the email is still monitored. E-mail addresses are as follows: Systems and Communications Staff (includes Aharanwa, Bardak, Bordeleau, Clutter, Massaro, Radomski, Reling, Weber, Zymowski)  Administrative Staff (includes Brace, Brint, Collins, Hebert Lofft, Notarius, Randall, Snyder)  Academic Staff (includes Anastasi, Bhatt, Spencer)

Israel.Washington@itec.mail.suny.eduIsrael Washington  Ron Brown

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (

Editor:  Barbara A. Boquard

ITEC's General Office

716/878-ITEC (4832)





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