ITEC Newsletter
Vol. 11, No. 2
January 30, 2003

Table of Contents

  1. PL/SQL Developer
  2. HP OpenVMS Technical Journal
  3. Academic Software Initiative (ASI)
  4. Maple Training
  5. CourseSpace

1.    PL/SQL Developer

For those that are interested, ITEC has purchased a SUNY-wide license for the PL/SQL Developer product. SUNY campuses are able to use this product at no charge until  June 1, 2003. After that date we will be renegotiating the contract with the vendor and an appropriate charge back to campuses will be implemented.

The software is available via the ITEC FTP site:

username: sunydbas
password: {call ITEC if you don't know it already}
directory: \plsql_developer

To install the product you will need the product code which can be obtained in \plsql_developer directory in a file called licensekey.txt.

Submitted by Joe Lofft (

2.    HP OpenVMS Technical Journal

The first edition of the HP OpenVMS technical journal is available now!

The HP OpenVMS Group has created this journal to provide useful technical information from a range of experienced OpenVMS users -- engineers, Ambassadors, business partners, and customers.

To view the journal and/or to sign up for e-mail notifications of future issues please visit:  

Submitted by Ron Brown (

3.    Academic Software Initiative (ASI)

Reminder:  As part of its Academic Software Initiative (ASI), Advanced Learning and Information Services (ALIS), within the Office of the Provost at SUNY System Administration, offers a SUNY-wide licensing program for Mathematica, Maple and Minitab software, as well as for the following already-existing agreements:  ESRI, Lotus (including IBM ViaVoice Pro), Oracle Academic-Only Licensing, and Kermit.

A Participating Institution Agreement (PIA) may be obtained from Mary Ann Corsetti ( if your campus wishes to participate. 

Visit for additional information.

Submitted by Ron Brown (

4.    Maple Training

In support of the SUNY Academic Software Initiative (ASI), the SUNY Training Center has scheduled the following workshop:

An Introduction to Maple
April 11th, Friday
SUNY Training Center, Syracuse, NY

Brief Description:  Maple is a technical computing and analysis software, including interactive calculation, visualization tools, and a complete programming environment. This course is a hands-on introduction to the mathematics software Maple. The basic uses of Maple worksheets and interface and basic Maple programming will be discussed.

Participants will see how Maple can be used in teaching (particularly math, sciences, and engineering) and in research. To ensure that participants will leave with many new Maple skills, there is focus on hands on learning.

Visit the SUNY Training Center web site ( to register.

Submitted by Ron Brown (

5.    CourseSpace

Reminder:  In response to SUNY campus and faculty demand, the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) Course Management System (CMS) is being made available to SUNY faculty for hybrid and web-enhanced courses and for other areas of the campus that can use a CMS system. These include Continuing Education, Helpdesk, Human Resources, etc. By developing the SUNY CourseSpace program, SUNY faculty will be able to accommodate courses which integrate online activities into an on-campus classroom course. SUNY CourseSpace has extended the SLN course template beyond the 100% asynchronous mode in order to facilitate the development of web-enhanced and hybrid courses at participating institutions, positioning them at the forefront of high quality, system-based online course delivery.

Visit  for more information on this program.

Submitted by Ron Brown (

Editor:  Barbara A. Boquard

ITEC's General Office

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