ITEC Newsletter
Vol.12, No. 5
September 10, 2004


Table of Contents

1. Oracle 10g Application Server Loses Some Weight
SSL Certificate Expirations
3. Oracle Security Alert #68
4. Apple Software Program

1. Oracle 10g Application Server Loses Some Weight

For those of you familiar with Oracle 9i Application Server Release 2 (9.0.2.x), you are probably familiar with the new middle-tier type referred to as the Oracle Infrastructure. This component, although not always necessary, added a considerable amount of requirements and resources to the installation of 9iAS Release 2. Oracle says that the 9iAS Infrastructure provides centralized security, management services, and data repositories for middle-tier application server installations. For most of us just running SCT Internet Enabled Banner (INB) or home grown web-enabled Oracle Forms applications which requires the "Business Intelligence and Forms" installation type, the Infrastructure was also required. And this meant that we needed twice as many resources to install 9iAS. For any type of "production" environment, Oracle also recommended that the Infrastructure type be installed on a separate server and the back-end database used by the Infrastructure also be installed on a separate "database" server. Again, for most of us, this simply prevented us from performing timely upgrades and we are still running on the Oracle desupported 9iAS Release 1 (1.0.2.x) software.

Oracle 10gAS gives us a break. The same installation types are available on the current 10gAS release with the same requirements and restrictions, so for those of you currently utilizing the Oracle Infrastructure or those who want to make use of the benefits provided by the Infrastructure, this can be accomplished without issues. However, by popular demand, Oracle has released and included a single CD within the 10gAS CD-pack received by ITEC which provides the Forms and Reports Services required by SCT INB and home grown web-enabled Forms applications. This installation CD also includes the J2EE and Web Cache which provides the MODPLSQL component needed by SCT Self Service Banner (SSB). It does not require the Oracle Infrastructure. So it appears that Oracle 10gAS will have a lighter weight installation type which should support SCT INB and SSB as well as home grown web-enabled Forms Applications. It should be noted (to the best of my knowledge) that SCT has not yet certified any INB release with 10gAS as of yet. We have heard from the SICAS Center that 10gAS will be certified with Banner 7, being released this fall. We will have to wait and see if this installation type from Oracle will be supported by SCT. Let's hope so!

One last Note: Oracle will be presenting Oracle 10g and Oracle10gAS at this fall Wizard on November 8th!

Submitted by Todd Randall (

2. SSL Certificate Expirations

If anybody has SSL certificates installed and configured for SCT Internet Native Banner (INB) or Self Service Banner (SSB), or any other websites in production use, don't forget to check the expiration date on those certificates. When they expire, they won't necessarily prevent access to your web server, but users will get a pop-up alert notifying them that they about to accept an expired certificate.

One easy way to quickly check the dates (using I.E.) is to hit the webpage. You will see a padlock in the lower right corner of the screen. Double-click that and you can view all the information about the certificate including the validity dates.

Submitted by Todd Randall (

3. Oracle Security Alert #68

If you are running any of the following Oracle products please read the following document:

Supported Products Affected

* Oracle Database 10g Release 1, version
* Oracle9i Database Server Release 2, versions and
* Oracle9i Database Server Release 1, versions,, and 9.0.4
* Oracle8i Database Server Release 3, version
* Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g, version
* Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control 10g, version
* Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4), versions and
* Oracle9i Application Server Release 2, versions and
* Oracle9i Application Server Release 1, version

The following product releases and versions, and all future releases and versions are not affected:

* Oracle Database 10g Release 1, version
* Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g, version (not yet available)
* Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4), version (not yet available)

Please do not attempt to follow any of the hyperlinks in the following document, as they are password protected Metalink documents. If you’d like to read any of the notes mentioned in the following document please open a Remedy ticket requesting a copy of the note you’d like to read.

Submitted by Erik Snyder (

4.  Apple Software Program

Mary Ann Corsetti recently announced the Apple Software Program. Since this program was not in place for the July 15 order date, ITEC will place an order on September 15, 2004.  If interested, please complete the order form and submit it to

Submitted by Barb Boquard (


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