ITEC Newsletter
Vol.13, No. 2
April 25, 2005

Table of Contents

1.    HP VMS/TRU64 License Paks Expiring (Reminder)
2.    SUNY Academic Software Contracts Web Page


1.    HP VMS/TRU64 License Paks Expiring (Reminder)

As mentioned in the March 25th ITEC newsletter, your HP VMS and TRU64 License Paks are about to expire at the end of April 2005. The new license Paks are in ITEC’s Web Getsoftware. Please have your site license manager request the license Paks:

Third Party / Oracle Offerings – Only for the TRU64 License Paks:


HP Alpha Software Offerings – Alpha VMS

Submitted by Joe Weber (

2.    SUNY Academic Software Contracts Web Page

Announcing the new SUNY Academic Software Contracts web page: .

This web site describes SUNY academic software contracts available for SUNY campuses under two distinct areas. Known to many of you, one is the Academic Software Initiative program which features licensing for ESRI, Kermit, Lotus, Maple, Mathematica, MINITAB and Oracle-Academic software. Campuses can fully or partially participate in the program. Go to to review whether your campus participates in the initiative. The other area covers all other SUNY academic software licenses along with announcing academic contract initiatives currently underway. A diligent effort will be made to keep the information on this web site up to date.

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