ITEC Newsletter
Vol.13, No. 3
September 28, 2005

Table of Contents
1.    ITEC – AT&T Planned Maintenance
2.    New Staff
3.    Metalink Access

1.    ITEC - AT&T Planned Maintenance

On Wednesday morning, October 5, 2005, from midnight to 6 a.m., AT&T will be taking ITEC’s Internet network down for maintenance. Because of this, we are taking this time to do some upgrades to micro code in the fiber optic switches, Blade Center upgrades, and so on. The Systems staff will start taking systems down at midnight, and they plan to have them back online by 6:00 a.m. Because of the Internet being down for some of this period, the systems at ITEC will be unavailable from midnight to 6 a.m.

We are sorry for any inconvenience,

Submitted by Joe Weber (

2.    New Staff at ITEC

Please join ITEC in welcoming new staff members:

Ms. Tracey Zakrzewski was recently hired as a Programmer/Analyst in the Administrative and Academic area of ITEC. Tracey is completing a Master of Science in Information Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Tracey has a wide range of experience with programming languages (Visual Basic 6.0, Java, SQL, and PL/SQL, UML), web development (J2EE, PHP, ASP, CGI, Perl), and databases (Oracle 9i/10g, MS SQL Server 200, MS Access, MySQL, JDBC/ODBC). Tracey is working with the SCACAD group at ITEC supporting the academic software program. Prior to this, Tracey was a graduate assistant and teaching assistant at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mr. Cairen Lajia will be joining us in mid-October as a Programmer/Analyst in the Administrative and Academic area of ITEC. Cairen has a Master of Science in Information Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology along with a Master of Science in Biology from Peking University in Beijing, China. Cairen has programming skills in Java, Perl, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and experience in analysis, design and implementation of database and web integration (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access). In addition, he is experienced in administering and maintaining Blackboard course management systems. Most recently, Cairen has been working at Syracuse University as a database application developer/web system administrator. Cairen will be working with ITEC’s SCADM group and supporting the disaster recovery program being developed by ITEC.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (

3. Metalink Access

Our pursuit to get Metalink access for SUNY has come to fruition. This has been the result of us talking with Oracle over the years, maturity of their software that controls Metalink, as well as changes in their policy.

We have two types of programs:

The first costs $18,000 per year and allows for a primary and two backup DBA’s to have full Metalink access. This would allow you to create, read, update and close TARs (Technical Assistance Requests) as well as peruse Oracle’s knowledge base, download patches, verify certifications, participate in forums, get customized headlines etc… There is a PIA (Participating Institution Agreement) that has to be signed with ITEC that has the terms defined. This is in the processed of being finalized, however should you like this option, the PIA will not hold things up and we can give you access right away (again, this option is $18,000 per year).

The second option is free, yes free!!! It is the same as above, except you can not create nor update TARs through Metalink. Please recall, we have a mechanism through our Metalink ( which allows you to view and update your TARs. You will still be required to sign a PIA. The view you see is at the most 30 minutes old and the update happens right away. The update recently broke when Oracle made some changes at their end, but we are working on resolving it to get it working ASAP.

You will need to provide the following information:

Full name
Campus mailing address
SUNY email address
Campus phone number

Who is eligible?

You must subscribe to ITEC and Oracle support.

We have decided to roll it out to DBA’s first. Soon after the rollout, we plan on opening up access to developers, appropriate staff and faculty.

This is to be used by SUNY for SUNY.

You can not use Metalink to provide services to other campuses.

How do you get started???

Easy, if you would like to opt for the $18,000 option, please contact Barb Boquard at and / or call her at 716 878-4832 and she will get things started for you.

To get the free access, simply open a Remedy account and you will have your account setup within a few hours or the next day. If you do not have a Remedy account please contact and they will get you setup right away.

NOTE: There will be a session at this Fall’s Wizard (Nov 2-3) that will have an Oracle representative explaining how to get the most out of Metalink. There will also be additional sessions from Oracle on Identity Management. Please watch for updated information at

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