ITEC Newsletter
Volume 14, No. 1
February 3, 2006

1.    SUNY Wizard
2.    Recent Oracle Alerts
            Alert: Bug 4080972 with Oracle
            Critical Patch Update


1.    SUNY Wizard

The SUNY Training Center, the Information Technology Exchange Center (ITEC) and the SUNY Computing Officer's Association (COA) are pleased to announce this year’s Spring Wizard to be held February 28 – March 2 at the Wyndham Hotel in Syracuse.

The SUNY Wizard is a technology conference offered twice a year, typically in the spring and fall, and is designed with the SUNY technical community in mind. The attendees are from around the state and can vary from a campus CIO to a DBA to a technical assistant.

To view an agenda and register, please go to:

We hope to see you there!

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (


2. Recent Oracle Alerts
        Alert: Bug 4080972 with Oracle
        Critical Patch Update

The following announcements were sent to the Oracle DBA listserve. If you are not on the DBA list and would like to be, please contact

Alert: Bug 4080972 with Oracle

SICAS found an important alert from SCT (see below for details) regarding a bug with For those who are running Banner with Oracle, you need to apply patch 4080972 for non-Windows platform (for Windows, 4196895). You can download the patch from Metalink if you already have the read-only Metalink account. You can also request the patch via Remedy or email to

From Kathy Paranya, SICAS Center:

Bug Description: Query on a table with a concatenated index gives wrong result when the statistics are not present(RBO). This happens on 9206 and does *not* occur on 9201/9205.

Workarounds: use CBO, or don't use indexes or add an additional "AND col IS NOT NULL" predicate to the query.

Fixed in Oracle and 10g.

Oracle has provided a 4080972 patch for HP-UX RISC 64-bit, IBM AIX 5L 64-bit, Linux Red Hat x86 32-bit, Solaris Sparc, Tru64, and Windows.

Note for Windows the patch number is 4196895. Oracle is not yet available for OpenVMS.

Submitted by Jiu Feng (


Critical Patch Update:

Oracle has recently released the January 2006 Critical Patch Update (CPU). As always ITEC suggests that you wait a reasonable amount of time after any patch is released before applying it to protect yourself from re-releases.

In the past ITEC had downloaded these CPU patches on behalf of our community to our SUNYDBAS FTP server but now that any DBA within SUNY can have at least Query Only Metalink accounts and thus the ability to download the patches themselves, we will no longer be following this practice.

Another benefit of downloading the patches yourself is that Oracle will notify you of any changes to the CPU that occur after you download it via email. In the past there were situations in which a CPU was re-released and ITEC would be notified but we would have no idea who in the SUNY community was impacted.

If you are a SUNY DBA and do not have a Metalink account do not hesitate to open a remedy ticket and request one.

Submitted by Dan Brint (


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