ITEC Newsletter
Volume 14, No. 4
June 2, 2006


ITEC Presentations at STC:

  • Service Oriented Architecture and Virtualization of the Infrastructure Impact on IT Planning
  • ITEC Advisory Committee Meeting
  • ITECís Adoption of Oracle MAA
  • Letís Do Lunch!
  • Service Oriented Architecture and Virtualization of the Infrastructure Impact on IT Planning
    Paul Hebert and Mike Radomski
    Monday, June 12, 10:15 a.m. Ė 11:00 a.m.

    This session will present an overview of what Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualization of the Infrastructure is today and how it may affect future IT planning. Every 3 to 5 years the IT industry seems to repurpose itself in both application development and hardware infrastructure. This has made it difficult for IT departments to meet user demands and expectations, and the expectations are higher now than they have been during the past three decades. The presentation will help determine how new IT industry direction in the Service-Oriented Architecture and Infrastructure Virtualization arenas may play a critical role in better meeting future user expectations.


    ITEC Advisory Committee Meeting
    Karen Klose, Ron Brown
    June 13, 8 a.m. Ė 8:45 a.m.


    ITEC Activities: Ron Brown and Mike Notarius

    Discussion of the various activities that ITEC is engaged in to support member campuses and University-wide programs.

    Executive Board Elections: Karen Klose

    Disaster Recovery Update: Mike Notarius, Bob Hemmings, Eric Wilson

    An update will be provided on ITECís IT DR offering to campuses and University-wide programs. This will include:

  • Overall project status,
  • Commercial application software opportunities,
  • Hardware/software issues,
  • Documentation standards, and
  • Banner DB electronic data vaulting and serving: limitations
  • Moving to Full Membership Model: Ron Brown

    Recently a recharge review committee of representatives from State Op and Community Colleges was organized at the request of Dave DeMarco to review the ITEC and SICAS recharge policies and make recommendations for any improvements they felt were advisable. One recommendation was for ITEC to move all campuses to full membership. The rationale, focus, and budget impact of this reorganization will be discussed.

    Comparison of Vendor Offerings to Campuses: Joe Weber

    Discussion on how ITEC can assist campuses in comparing vendor architectures/infrastructure for support or replacement of old systems.

    Virtualization: What it means to ITEC:

    Discussion on how virtualization has impacted ITEC. This will include how it has allowed ITEC to better react to the needs of the IT community.

    Comments from Membership


    ITECís Adoption of Oracle MAA (Maximum Available Architecture)
    Dan Brint
    Wednesday, June 14, 11:15 a.m. - noon

    Learn how ITEC is planning to utilize Oracles Maximum Availability Architecture to achieve business continuity, improve data protection, and provide 'nearer 24x7' system availability for hosted banner campuses, internal applications, forward facing ITEC applications (such as Lyris) while at the same time addressing the needs and concerns of other hosted systems such as SLN and SUNYConnect. This session will be a combination of presentation and open discussion.


    Letís Do Lunch!
    ITEC Staff
    June 12 or June 13

    ITEC would like to get to know you better and have you get to know us better! Please join us for lunch during the conference for an informal discussion on topics of general interest among ITEC staff and our member campuses.

    We'll need to know if you're interested in joining us in order to reserve tables! Please RSVP to Linda at and provide your name, campus, number of participants, and whether youíd like to join us on June 12 or June 13. If you cannot join us for lunch, but would like to meet with us during the conference, please email Linda to arrange a day/time.

    We look forward to this opportunity to further network with our membership and to better understand your campus' needs and expectations from ITEC.




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