ITEC Newsletter
Volume 15, No. 4
May 17, 2007


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1. Lyris Listserv Downtime


1. Lyris Listserve Downtime

ITEC is planning a down time period for our Lyris ( listserv from 9 am on May 26 to 9 am on May 27th when we will be migrating to an Oracle backend.

Since many of you are members of other lists on our listserv, it was important we send this information to you. All list admins have also received this notice with instructions on saving important list information before Lyris is brought down. One of the precautions is that everyone who sends an email to a list a day before the scheduled down time is to cc yourself on the email you are sending and then to do it a day after as well. As soon as we know all is well after the down time period, we will notify the list admins and ask them to notify their list members.

If the actual times change, we will notify you again through this list. We will plan a Lyris upgrade at another time in the near future.

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