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ITEC Newsletter
Volume 17, No. 1
March 18, 2009


1.   HP VMS/TRU64 License Paks Expiring
SunGard Banner Support for Open VMS
3.†† Classic Metalink to be Retired
4.†† Oracle's Chronicle
5.†† Dell, SunGardHE, Oracle, ITEC POC
6.†† Newly Hosted Institutions:
7.†† New Staff at ITEC

1.  HP VMS/TRU64 License Paks Expiring

Your HP VMS and TRU64 License Paks are about to expire on MARCH 31, 2009. The new license paks are now in ITECís Web Getsoftware. Please have your site license manager request the license paks:


HP Alpha Software Offerings or Third Party/Oracle Offerings Ė Alpha LICPAKS31DEC09


Third Party / Oracle Offerings Ė for the TRU64 License Paks  -- PAKS09_TAR; expiration December 31, 2009

 Submitted by Wayne Reling (Wayne.Reling@itec.suny.edu)


2.  SunGard Banner Support for Open VMS

Our friends at SICAS sent us two important notices regarding Banner on OpenVMS.  They are below in their entirety:


Banner UDC Customers:

SunGard Higher Education is planning to de-support Banner 7.x on September 1, 2010. Please use this information and the information provided in the Unified Product Calendar (available for download on the Customer Support Center) to make the necessary project plans for upgrading to the Banner 8.x Unified Product Release. Should you require assistance in upgrading to Banner 8.x, we encourage you to contact your SunGard Higher Education Account Manager to discuss possible Banner Upgrade Support services.

You will continue to have the ActionLine support and maintenance-release support in addition to what is outlined in the product calendar for the Banner 7.x products through September 1, 2010. After that date, all ActionLine support and maintenance releases for versions 7.x will terminate.

If you are a customer outside of the United States, your local solution centers will issue specific information regarding the phasing out of the support for the statutory localizations compatible with Banner 7.x and Banner 7.x dependent applications.

Although the de-support date for Banner 7.x is more than 19 months away, we encourage you to plan your upgrade to the Banner 8.x Unified Product Release as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of the functionality and the continuity it provides across the unified digital campus. You will be hearing success stories from our Banner 8 Unified Product Release early adopters in the coming months and at Summit.

We are also targeting the first half of 2010 for release of the Banner 9 Unified Product Release. We will provide more detail at this yearís Summit in March, and perhaps sooner. And remember, you can always refer to the Unified Product Calendar, updated monthly on the Customer Support Center, for information about future releases.

If you have any questions regarding the Banner 7.x de-support plans, please contact the ActionLine.

Jack Kramer

Dear Banner Customers,

Iím writing to inform you that SunGard Higher Education is planning to de-support the Banner database running on OpenVMS. After researching current and planned customer usage and evaluating SunGard Higher Educationís ability to provide technical currency on the OpenVMS operating system, we decided to discontinue support in order to use our resources more efficiently within the Banner Unified Digital Campus.

You will continue to have ActionLine support through the life of Banner 8.x. After the de-support date of Banner 8.x, to be announced sometime in the future, all support for the Banner database running on OpenVMS will terminate. There are no plans to support the Banner 9.x database running on OpenVMS.

Although the de-support date for the Banner database running on OpenVMS is several years away, we want to ensure that you experience a smooth transition and we encourage you to start planning today for your move to a new operating system. To that end, we are working with HP to help you leverage the latest HP technology for use with the Banner Unified Digital Campus. The Banner 8.x database will be fully supported to run on Integrity with OpenVMS, just as it is now with HP-UX and Linux. This provides you the flexibility to move to a more cost effective platform, leverage Banner 8's rich functionality, and retain OpenVMS for the timeline described or move to HP-UX or Linux today.

If you have any questions regarding the Banner OpenVMS de-support plans, please contact your account manager.

Alan Hansen


3.†††Classic Metalink to Be Retired

From Oracle: 

Later this year, Oracle will retire the Classic MetaLink support portal and provide a single support interface through My Oracle Support.  Be prepared for the upcoming changes. Review Document 784634.1 for important information about My Oracle Support technical requirements.

I would urge us all to start using the new 'flash based' interface and make use of the 'feedback' link to apprise Oracle of any issues you have so that they can address these before the classic interface disappears.

Submitted by Dan Brint (Dan.Brint@itec.suny.edu)

4.† Oracle's Chronicle

 SUNY's Oracle sales team has been kind enough to forward us copies of their 'Chronicle publication. We will endeavor to include future copies in upcoming ITEC newsletters.

November 2008
December 2008
January 2009
February 2009

March 2009

Submitted by Dan Brint (Dan.Brint@itec.suny.edu)

5.†† Dell, SunGardHE, Oracle, ITEC POC

SUNY ITEC has engaged with Dell, SungardHE and Oracle on another proof-of-concept. This one is based upon use of Oracle Virtual Machine as the virtualization enabler at all tiers of the application stack. ITEC will be presenting on this project at SunGard Summit and will be making results available once the effort is complete.

Submitted by Dan Brint (Dan@itec.suny.edu)

6.† Newly Hosted Institutions:

 ITEC is pleased to welcome the following new institutions to our environment as we deliver remote and /or hosted services:  University Center for Academic Workforce and Development (UCAWD) and SUNY IT.

7.† New Staff at ITEC

Please join us in welcoming two new staff members to ITEC:

Deepa Brown is an MS SQL Server DBA and brings with her many years of experience from the corporate world, most recently at GE Digital Energy and GE MDS. Deepa is working towards her M.S. in Information Technology at RIT and has a M.A. in Teaching French as a foreign language from the Universite de Rouen, France.  She also has a B.S. in Computer Science from St. Annís College in Hyderabad, India.  Deepa is supporting the Angel Learning Environment hosted by ITEC.

Jon Alessandrello joins us from SUNY IT and will be applying his years of experience in support of our Unix environment. Jon is (amongst other things) also a member of our Grid Control adoption team - which is pushing forth with delivery of a quality reporting/monitoring infrastructure for ITEC.  Jon has a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology from SUNY IT and an A.S. in Electrical Technology from Dutchess Community College.

Submitted by Barbara Boquard (Barb@itec.suny.edu


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