10/30/00 Important Security Updates - Oracle Application Security Issue and Vulnerability on Oracle Listener Program

9/14/200 Oracle De-Support Matrix - The Obsolescence Desupport Matrix shows the latest product desupport schedules, along with migration options and migration costs. 

9/14/200 Oracle Documentation on Migrating from Oracle7 to Oracle8.1.6 - Utility to help Migrate from Oracle7 to Oracle8.1.6

9/13/2000 A New Brio Section Has Been Added - Just added a Brio Link Section

8/15/2000 Name changes for Oracle products

Beginning with version 3.0, WebDB will now be known as Oracle Portal.

Oracle Application Server will become iAS (Internet Application Server 8I). This is Oracle’s new consolidated middle tier offering. It provides all middleware functionality in a single package, including transactional support, dynamic caching capabilities, integrated reporting and querying for business intelligence, and a single console for managing and entire web site. It includes Oracle HTTP Listener (Apache), iCache, Java, Forms Services, Reports Services and Discoverer Viewer.

iDS (Internet Developer Suite) is the new consolidated development tools offering from Oracle. IDS includes Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Portal, Oracle Forms Developer and Designer, alongside Oracle’s business intelligence tools, Oracle Discoverer and Oracle Reports, optimized for building applications on Oracle8i and Oracle iAS 8i.

8/10/00 Oracle Discoverer Technical Bulletins - Just added an Oracle Discoverer Technical Bulletins Section.

6/12/00 Oracle Documentation Center - Check out http://docs.oracle.com, for up-to-date Oracle Documentation.

Developer Server 1.6.1 for Banner Web Forms

Currently SUNY is not licensed for Developer Server.  We have received certain versions in the past due to Oracle shipping errors and we now receive current versions due to the fact that Oracle now sends us software "bundles" which include the Developer Server.

This software is being made available for testing purposes only!

For Alpha OpenVMS the code is in GetSoftware.  The filename is ORADEV161SVRAXP.

For Alpha NT the code can be downloaded from: ftp://lofft3.itec.suny.edu/ftp1/alphant_developer_server_1.6.1.zip

For Intel NT we have a Developer/2000 version  This is a special version that was packaged with Oracle Applications which we received by mistake.  I installed this and it installed Forms / Forms Server  This can be downloaded from: HERE

Version 1.6 can be downloaded from: http://ng.itec.suny.edu/oracle/Windows95%26NT/intelnt95_developer2kserver1.6.zip

Oracle Database Security Patch - Oracle found out about  a security problem on May 7th of 1999.  The problem effects Oracle versions 8.0.3, 8.0.4, 8.0.5 and 8.1.5 (8i) on UNIX ONLY.  If you are using one of these versions and have the Oracle Intelligent Agent running, then you will be interested in getting the fix.